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January 21, 2017 – Women’s March Oaxaca

Video of Sister Marches throughout the world from NextRound Productions.  Oaxaca is at minute 2:12.


Photos by Dorothy Ann Logsdon:

Photos by Karren Brito:

Photo by Carolyn Fellman:


Photos by Norma Schafer:

Photos by Christopher Stowens:

Photos by Shannon Sheppard:

Posters by Sylvia Impett ready for Saturday!

Women’s March Oaxaca ready! ~ ¡Marcha de las Mujeres Oaxaca listo!oaxsistermarchbanner

Women’s March Oaxaca t-shirt ~ Marcha de las Mujeres Oaxaca playeraoaxsistermarchtshirt










7 thoughts on “Photos ~ Fotos

  1. Thank you for being part of such a massive response!

    Jacki Gordon is going to buy the raw shirts at 10:30 this morning (Monday). Email: IMMEDIATELY with the number of t-shirts, sizes (women’s or men’s) and long sleeve or short, you want.


  2. Such a respectful and uplifting experience at a time when it is sometimes hard to see the positive. Thank you to the organizers. It was an honor to be there with the Americans, Canadians and other nationalities who came out of respect and hope.
    Is there any place to purchase a T-shirt as they soldout quickly?


  3. Fabulous event today! Thank you so much for organizing. Where should we send photos of the event and how do we get involved with Engage Oaxaca? I saw there was a postcard campaign to Speaker Ryan. I am from WISCONSIN and will be going to MKE on January 27. I could transport postcards if that would help. Contacthe me if that would be of interest. Looking forward to keeping the momentum moving. #women’s March #YesWeWill

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